Contact Lenses Vs. Glasses

Which One is Right for You?

Contact lenses vs. glasses, the two they are just alternatives. It is normally preference to what the individual is used to. Those who are used to wearing contact lenses would most likely prefer to stick with them, the same for individuals used to wearing glasses. This really come down to what the individual is comfortable with and used to.

Contact Lenses or Glasses Have Advantages and Dis-Advantages.

Eyeglass Advantages: Glasses have the advantage that you can take them on and off any time you would like. Also an advantage of wearing glasses opposed to contact is you may less likely end up with an infection. 

Eyeglass Dis-Advantages: Dis-Advantages of glasses can give distortion of figure at the edge of glasses. Glasses rest on your nose, so this can definitely become a source of discomfort. Cosmetically speaking glasses may not be the best option.

Contact Lens Advantages: When contact lenses put onto your eye, it gives you the most natural vision possible. Contact lenses will not have distortion to figure around the edges nor will be susceptible to possible glare. 

Contact Lens Dis-Advantages: Contact lenses have to be taken care of with the at most care, unlike eyeglasses. You will need to use contact lens solution to keep the contact lenses clean.

Contact Lenses or Eyeglasses Conclusion

So contact lenses and eyeglasses as you can see both have their pros and cons. Which option you choose will purely depend on your personal preference.