Optician Career

Dispensing and measuring opticians help people see and look their best. Opticians help customers select eyewear that serves two needs, the doctor’s prescription and the customers self image. So a fashion sense is needed along with technical skill. Opticians are trained to measure the client’s eyes so that the lenses are made to provide an enhancement precisely suited to the individual. Some opticians are also trained in grinding and shaping the lens but many send the lenses and frames to technicians for preparation. When they return the optician checks to make sure they have been made according to the prescription and measurements. Then the optician uses instruments to adjust the frame to the clients face. One important characteristic for people striving to become an optician is the ability to work carefully and precisely.

Training requirements for opticians vary from state to state. There are many online training programs along with community colleges and universities as well. Some training is also available on the job, with apprenticeships that can last two to four years. Some opticians are also trained to help clients select and learn to use various kinds of contact lenses. You have to be comfortable working closely with customers and have to understand their needs. Their ability to see well and look their best is in your hands.