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OpticianEDU.org was created as an effort to encourage more people to consider a career in the Vision Care Field.  If you are in the process of fulfilling specific requirements on becoming an Optician, please be sure to view our list of career information and step by step process on how an Optician by state here.

We will continue to facilitate and expedite our visitors’ journey into their chosen careers by adding up to date information within each state, and new career opportunities in the vast field of Vision Care Field.

OpticianEDU.org has researched every state requirements on becoming a Optician. OpticianEDU.org also presents the best options for residents of states that do not have an accredited program. Also presented are the options “distance learning” provides to students who do not live in a state with an accredited program or live too far from the nearest school.

OpticianEDU.org has done much of the groundwork, especially regarding tuition costs, financial aid, and benefits for veterans. The basic requirements for each state are cited, as are the procedures required to begin the application process.

The information provided by OpticianEDU.org is designed to demonstrate what a Optician does, what the education entails, what the career will be like, the procedures and timelines, the expected costs, and the potential pay and job prospects.